International Consortium Of
Accounting Professionals

About Us

INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUM OF ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS (ICAP) is a group of accounting and Finance professionals representing institutions and programs around the country who are committed to preparing people in accounts and finance domain capable of providing the global competency in their profession.
For the past years, representatives from these programs have been meeting regularly to share successes and to pose problems of practice in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of what our practices we are following. Although our programs vary in design and structure, we share common beliefs in the strengths and potentials about preparing the account and finance community to be active citizens in the globally changing era of 21st century.
International Consortium of Accounting Professionals (ICAP) is an internationally recognized UK based body, providing best place for networking and credentials in the field of accounting and finance. We act as a fulcrum between the accounting professionals and organizations to meet a common ground. The programs framed by ICAP is a top emerging trend that aims to refine accounting and finance skills to build creative and competitive professionals for our rapidly changing world.
The curriculum is based on extensive global research in demand in this digital era from an accounting and finance professional. Our credentials help to become a recognised accounting and finance professional future seeks.

Take your chances today to make your tomorrow!

ICAP offers a complete networking space for upgrading and sharing the most demanding accounting and finance skills for our fast-changing world. A combination of competitive expertise along with the international recognition is what future demands to thrive in this age of technologies.

Don’t wait till you outclassed

Change is inevitable. Study the market trends and transformations in global scenario to stand out of the crowd. If you are an individual who want to become globally competent, Join ICAP to meet all your professional needs in one place with globally competent professionals worldwide.

What We Stand For

ICAP is dedicated to identifying future pathways to accounting and finance professionals and the world which enhance tranquillity, prosperity, liberation, equipollence, and sustainability. We provide a platform for dialogue and enhearten a diversity of views as we endeavour to find the most efficacious ways forward. Mindful of cultural differences, we hold that each perspective should be auricularly discerned with temperance and reverence in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding. We will never shy away from the hard questions facing our world. We value collaboration with regime and non-regime institutions in forging mundane approaches to otherwise intractable quandaries.

Internationalization - A conscious effort of ICAP

Internationalization is the conscious effort to integrate and infuse international, intercultural and global dimensions into the philosophy of accounting and finance profession.
Prosperous internationalization efforts involve active and responsible engagement of the academic community in partnerships and global networks. ICAP emboldens and facilitates the discussion of issues concerning internationalization among international sodalities, organizations, and ICAP members. The organization equips international professionals who have a role in internationalization with skills in leadership, collaboration, and transmute management.
ICAP withal seeks out the most innovative and prosperous global institutions in the field of accounting and Finance and accolades them annually .An annual report, Internationalizing the Campus: Profiles of Prosperity at Colleges and Universities, features these institutions' exemplary practices and model approaches.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in developing and disseminating accounting and financial knowledge and certifying, connecting, and supporting the world’s best accountants and financial professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist accounting and finance community to drive a dynamic accounting and finance profession to meet the drastic change of the global competent world. We accomplish this by providing the implements, resources and perspicacity accounting and finance professionals need to elucidate intricacy, anticipate risk and engender opportunity.