ICAP Leadership

Join a ICAP Leadership Team

ICAP’s impact as a sodality depends on the engagement of its members leading at all levels. Accommodating in a leadership capacity for the sodality offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional magnification. Leadership positions in ICAP are filled by matching member and non-member skills and experience with the felicitous leadership roles. There are opportunities of varying commitment levels with some being more visible while others are more behind-the-scenes.

ICAP welcomes applications from members and non-members who represent the wide spectrum of international accounting and Finance professionals. Participation from underrepresented groups, individuals, institutions as well as colleagues is withal appreciated. When you decide to become a ICAP leader, you will receive guidance and support along your peregrination.

Connect & Network

When international professionals connect, they engender potent communities of cognition. ICAP works to fortify these communities by providing a wide array of opportunities to apportion erudition, build relationships, and advance the vocation.

Member Interest Groups (MIGs)

One of the great strengths within the groups are a shared notion in the value of diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are celebrated with our Member Interest Groups (MIGs), founded by members wishing to explore some facet of their world with others.

Knowledge Communities

Discover incipient conceptions, resources, pertinent training and events, as well as the latest news about your particular professional area.Seek exhortation or share your phrenic conceptions by participating in ICAP's professional networks.